Here is a collection of things that have entered my mind that are not in the languages of machines. Some of these pieces come from things that have happened. Some touch to people and events that may or may not happen, or exist. Some might in the future, some might have in the past, and some may now. These kinds of things happen. Don't take it too seriously, you might insult my characters.

Things I have posted to a.c.c that are parts of larger group works. (Any complete works I posted would be above.) These are fragments of larger stories, and such they don't often make much sense on their own. (I may someday rework things here to include those other parts. (The ones I have anyways.))

Chibi-Sat Thread

The on-going war of miniature satellites.

The Grey and Chromed.

Ancestors that technologically avoid age to protect those of their blood. More stories on this idea, as well as other goodies.