I've always had cybereyes. I can't remember being with out them. I don't know why I got them originally, but it was before I could remember. I figure I must have have had bad eyes or something. But my parents got them for me, sorta as a parting gift, then put me up for adoption. Never knew my real parents.

I was adopted by an older couple, they were just becoming 50 year of age. Never had any kids of their own, I guess they wanted one. They were good parents, treated me fairly. Didn't spoil me, and didn't over do it the other way either. But there was one last standing problem, my eyes. My eyes were silver, shinny silver. I could always see a shiver down my foster mother's back when she looked at me. She hated those eyes. And unlike his wife, my foster dad was completely fascinated by them. He would always ask me what the would looked like through my eyes. I couldn't really tell him, I've never see the world in any other way. Gives me a bit of an advantage to other people with cybereyes, they have to adjust to a different way of seeing I'm told. Not me, I was still learning how to see when I got new eyes.

I think it was strange that my foster mother never did anything about my eyes, I had to have them replaced many times. Cybereyes don't grow with a young boy's body. Around my tenth birthday, when I was scheduled to get new eyes, I talked to my parents in getting a pair that looked like real eyes. I wanted them because of the crap I was getting from other kids at school. My mom was all over the idea right as soon as the doctor told her that you couldn't tell the difference. Not only did they look real, but they acted real too. I got worried though, I over heard my foster parents talking about saving to get me real eyes. Real as in fleash ones. But they couldn't afford those. I thought I was lucky for that.

I didn't want real eyes. I had become so used to the cybereyes, that as far as I considered they were my real eyes. Even if I was continually getting them replaced. I had talked to friends, what they saw, how they saw. I found out little things about my eyes. I could see farther and clearer than my friends. For them, things got blurry at the sides of their vision, for me it was clear. Other little things popped up as well. I became clear to me, real eyes would suck.

Not that I needed any more reasons for cybereyes, I started to discover add-ons. Night vision, telescoping, thermal vision, and on, and on. It excited me. All these amazing things the my eyes were able to do with the right add-on, that my friend's eyes would never be able to do, that real eyes would never be able to do.

I decided that I was not going to lose my eyes, ever. I worried that my foster parents would some day get the money for real eyes. I wondered what right they had in giving me different eyes with out my permission. I worried that my foster mom might be saving it as a surprise. That would be the worst, the ultimate gift in her mind, and I would never want it.

I finally asked my foster dad about it. He seemed surprised when I asked, although not that much that I asked. He never really answered the question, just talked around it until I gave up.

I was just learning to drive then. The next year, my foster mother became sick. I don't know what from, they never told me. They ended up using the money that had been saved for my real eyes to pay for her stay at the hospital. My foster mother said she was sorry about that hundreds of times, every time I said how much happier I was for her to be alive and well. I never said how happy I was that I would get to keep my eyes.