You know that story about the knight saving a princess from the clutches of an evil dragon? Well, the dragons have a similar story told from a different angle. Well, actually there are multiple versions depending on who is telling and why. In any case, here is a common telling.

Once upon a time there was a knight. He was brave and valiant as are all good knights, but this wasn't enough to get the favors of the princess. Since the princess had many knights to choose from, she was a bit full of herself. So this knight tried to think of a way to get the attention of the princess, and the certain handful of favors that he wanted from her.

Now for the most part, dragons were far and few between, and really didn't bother much with humans. Humans were strange with their building of things, and not only did they taste strange, they gave you gas. But this didn't mean that the paths of dragons and humans didn't cross. And typically, if one set out to search for the other, it wasn't too long before the paths did in fact cross. Though usually it ending up with a confused dragon and scared humans.

So, our knight came up with an idea for retreiving the princess's favors, and set out to find a dragon. Soon enough paths crossed and a dragon was met. Now the particular dragon here wasn't the smartest, nor the dullest of dragons, but did have a good measure of curiosity. And when approached by a knight with a request, could not but help to listen. For humans making requests of dragons wasn't all that common. Not that dragons made requests of humans with any kind of frequency either.

But the knight had a request, should the dragon be so kind as to help out. Now, again not being the dullest of dragons, the dragon replied that should he do something for the knight, the knight should in all fairness, do something for the dragon. And to our noble knight, this did in fact seem fair. And they quickly decided that they would each make their request of the other, and if all was acceptable, then a deal would be made.

So the knight went first, having been the one to seek out the agreement in the first place. He stated that he wished for the dragon to kidnap the princess on a given day, so that he could ride up and save her. Thus winning her affection. Our dragon, not being the smartest of dragons, and being rather fond of shiny things, requested the king's crown. Both were a bit bothered by the other's request. The knight not being worlds fond of stealing the king's crown, and the dragon not being worlds fond of kidnapping. But both did want what the other could give, and with some remorse, they each agreed.

Some additional moments were spent working out the details, and then the deal was made. After the next full moon, when the princess went out for her regular ride with one of her father's knights for guard, the dragon would take her. Flying up to one of the caves nearby, which had been already scouted by the knight. The knight would bring the crown, and after a bit of false fighting, 'rescue' the princess, leaving the crown behind. Thus both went off, dreaming of the goods to come.

And so the time came to pass. Our tainted noble knight carefully intoxicated the king, and helping the king to bed, took the crown. Having also spent some time before convincing the princess to an early morning ride, was out before the king woke that day. Thus the princess, the knight, and some hand maidens and pages went out for a ride that would not be soon forgotten.

The ride was as they usually were, uneventful and full of small talk, until they were about to turn back to the castle. Then the sky darkened from the shadow of a dragon. Amidst the screaming of hand maidens and running of pages, the princess was grabbed. As the dragon flew off to the agreed cave, the knight swore vengeance and rode off, leaving the group of scared and confused witnesses behind.

A handful of moments later, the knight approached the cave of the still screaming princess. He called out some pre-agreed offences, and the dragon come out. The knight and the dragon danced about, with some feints of the blade and breaths of false fire. And after a handful of concerned and frightened sounds from the observing princess, they dodged out of sight. The crown quickly was exchanged and dragon cried out in mock agony and flew off. Then our valiant knight rushed in to check on the princess, who in the confusion of the matter, gave the knight what he was after.

Other than the missing crown which was blamed on the neighboring kingdom, all were seemingly happy.

Now mostly the other versions vary the ending. In some the knight didn't actually steal the crown, and when the dragon discovered this, got pissed, and baked the knight to a crisp in his metal shell. In others the knight also lied about getting the crown and kills the dragon. In a few the king just figures out that the knight took the crown, and others finds out exactly what the knight did. Other such variations are also found here and there. But in all of them, the knight asked the dragon to kidnap the princess. Since really, what would a dragon do with a female human other than junk food?