Standing high on a pole,
	It marks a simple location.
A distance from.
Half an hour North,
	with a friend and an ex-prom date.
They were going out.
Hiding from headlights,
	They pretended to make out.
They thought I didn't know.
While passing cars left us by,
	Someone had to fetch it down.
Two-to-One said it was me.
Up to the top,
	Some pliers and a ratchet.
Down the pole it came.
Half an hour later,
	To find one for my friend,
Though he has lost his.
In the time between then and now
	It was misplaced or found.
Perhaps it traveled to India.
Looking at the one that remains now,
	Hanging silently on the wall.
Thoughts of its original meaning come.
Printed on its surface
	is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life,
the Universe, and Everything.
Although the answer is known,
	the question remains a mystery.
I still wonder what it is.
Looking at it again,
	Thinking about times gone by.
It holds more memories than I know.