The chibi-sats had been making their noises for most of an hour, driving both tadpol and Alexis nearly crazy. Both tried their best to just listen and try to get something useful out, but the sats were too busy remembering things past. One would start something, another would reply, and they'd all be off on a tangent of the past. Nearly all of it had nothing to do with the Prime. Reaching a breaking point, Tad finally pulls the truck into a gas station.

"I need out of this truck." He mutters quietly, quickly adding a command to the sats, "You all stay in here. We don't need the extra attention." Alexis follows Tad's lead, and leaves the chittering sats locked in the truck. Tad throws a quick glance at Alexis's direction, and notes that she is quite visibly agitated. He doesn't imagine that he looks any better.

He wonders over to the pump, swipes a card, picks the highest grade fuel, and starts replenishing the fuel cells. Some deep inner trait causes him to attempt conversation, "Well, asking them what they remember about the Prime is proving to be pretty damn worthless."

Alexis returns his comment with a glare.

"Well, feel free to exert some more of your authority, and tell them to shut-up", tad adds, looking away. "I was hoping that they'd have something useful." With a sigh, he leans against the truck, watching the meter on the pump grow at an alarming rate, "But it seems that the Prime had little involvement with this group at least."

"They're avoiding the question", Alexis snaps, "For some reason they don't want to tell us, and so they are avoiding the questions."

"Hmmm, well I wish they'd be a little more cooperative."

Alexis flatly responded, "I will know soon enough."

Tadpol starts a reply, then swallows it. Whatever speculations he might have, will be answered when Alexis comes online as Prime. A little patients wouldn't hurt him too much. So he goes back to watching the meter continue its rapid ascent.

In a few minutes the cells are full, and tad replaces the handle to the pump. Climbing back into the truck, he says smiling, under his breath, "That's one investment banker that is going to be wondering when in the hell he bought 90 liters of top grade truck fuel."


Alexis is one of ghost's Simulacra. Used with permission.