Lord Shaper stood there and said, "You've decided then."
The others looked about and mumbled things about nothing and no one, as that was all the knew of me. I just smiled, and giggled softly. I could feel it coming, off in the distance.

We stood in silence for a moment, then someone pointed to the horizon, all horizons, the edges of the sky were dark. Far off small rumbles could be heard, and they quickly noticed that the dark edges were moving closer. I just laughed, I couldn't help it. I could feel it coming, my focus of living that had been ignored for so long.

The sky was almost black now, and then, it fell. The rains poured down, drenching everyone. Only they complained. I was laughing loudly now. The rains poured and poured, while happiness poured through me. Smiling I looked up to the sky, those watching could not see the tears of joy in my eyes; too much rain.

Smiling all the while, I looked at the sky, and softly whispered through my lips, "take me home." Follwing quickly, three fingers of lighting shot forth, lifting me away, taking me home. Leaving the others soaking in the rain.