I stop at a door step, just for a moment. Have to catch my breath. Well, its not my breath that's gone. Damn this heat. The walk home is enough to kill.

"Hello." A voice calls out behind me.

"um, hi.", I stammer back. Its hard to talk with the heat beating me down. "I, umm, don't mean to bother, just had to stop for a bit."

"Yeah, it is a rather hot day isn't it?", She returns. Her voice is so beautiful, Clear.

"Yes, it is. Nice enough this morning that I figure I could wear jeans and be ok. But wow, did the heat pick up today." I find myself talking freely with here. This is unlike me.

"It sure did. If you want to cool off, I've the air on inside. You can come in a sit for a while." she offers. Something tugs inside me. Must be the heat.

"Um, sure I guess." Nervous now, more like myself. Not like me to just enter someone else's home without out getting to know them first.

"I won't bite" a smile appearing on her face. A lovely smile, very lovely. "Just made some rasberry lemonade, with a few ice cubes it should good." she continues. she seems so beautiful.

"Yeah, sure. That would be nice." I reply, pulling myself up. Why am I so heavy, why does it take so much to stand. It has to be the heat, it must be. I feel the tugging again, pulling harder this time. No wait, she's helping me up, it must be the heat messing with my mind. "...Would be real nice..."

I see the door open, feel the cool air drift out. It is wonderful, I am so hot. As she helps me into the room, I feel the door close behind me. Not see, not hear, feel. The tugging is gone, it must have been the heat. She sits me down onto the couch, and heads off towards the kitchen. She has a very nice place, very nice. I like it here, it is cool. There is just enough light to see, not so much you go blind. I like the way things are arranged, it feels like home, kind of. I feel a tug again. I was going somewhere wasn't I?

"Here you go." she's standing in front of me. Handing me a glass of rasberry lemonade. It looks like she changed, but I didn't really look at her at first, so I don't know. But she looks wonderful. She smiles, and somehow her smile makes me happy, somehow.


"No problem. So what's your name?" she inquiries. I tell her. We talk about other things, nothing and everything. And a little bit of something. After a while my glass is empty. And I stare into it. "You can stay if you want" she says. "Its nice here."

"Yes it is." I agree, I have to agree. To disagree with that statement would be lying. "Yes, it is nice." That tug again, weaker this time. Much weaker. She smiles, as she refills my glass. "Yes, I would like to stay here." I say smiling in return. And we continue to talk about nothing, and everything. And sometimes something.

"What do you make of that doctor?"

"Hmmm, it appears that he died from heat exhaustion"

"Strange that he is smiling so, you'd think going that way would leave more pain on the face."

"Yes, you would think that wouldn't you."