My attention snaps me awake as I hear the door open. Two guys quietly enter the apartment. [Bad sign I think.] I reach over and pick up my claws, and strap them onto my hands. Carefully touching each of the claws making sure that they're still sharp, I watch the men, from my dark corner, walk towards the bed across the room as if they're been here before. As they aproch, she begins to wake, turning on the dim reading light by her bed.

"Eddie?" she sleeply asks, "How'd you get in here?"

With out responding to her question, he grabs her and starts to bind her. [Eddie? Hmmm, must be someone she knows from the bar.]

"She is good", says the other, "She will bring a good price."

[The other must be some sort of slaver.] I let out a small growl to draw some attention. The both look right to where I'm crouched without seeing me. [They don't have enhanced vision, good, that will make this easier.]

"What was that?", the slaver asks her.

She chokes out, "My cat." through the gag that was loosened for her reply.

[Cat? Well, I suppose that is one way of describing me.]

"Kill it," He tells Eddie.

Eddie begins to walk towards my corner, gentelly cooing "Here kitty, kitty." I wait until he's just about on top of me. Just as he get close enough to make out my shape, I quickly snap into motion; with a small flick from my wrist, I draw my claws across his chest. I feel the blades of each claw tug a little as they move through his ribs. [I'm going to have these sharpened, they seem a bit dull.] His body stops with out a sound.

"What is it?", the slaver asks, becoming a bit worried when he doesn't receive an answer. He draws his gun an cautiously moves towards the corner. I push Eddie slightly to make him fall backwards.

As soon as he sees the blood on the Eddie's chest he fires off a couple rounds. [Very quiet, must be silenced.] I hear the bullets hit the wall above me. Taking the dead man's gun, I return two shots to the slaver. First bullet into his chest; second into his head. [Clumsy, I missed the first shot.] Everything becomes still for a moment.

"It's a good thing you can see in the dark," she comments through the still loosened gag. I can hear her voice waver as she tries not to sound shaken up.

Saying nothing, I walk into the dim light to unbind her. The reading light by her bed casts my shadow onto a near wall. Human shaped, with cat ears and a tail. [So, when did I become your cat?]