For whatever reason, on the plane home from my last trip, I decided that for my next vacation, I would go on a sail boat. This bundled with a report from my brother about how pretty the coast of Maine was, lead me to focus my search there. A few web searches later, and I found The Maine Windjammer Association and requested a packet of all the brochures for each member. Digging through that to find the right combination of what I thought I wanted, I decided on the Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch. I also picked the first 6-day trip they had.

Even though the weather insisted on being a bit rainy all week, I loved the trip. (Personally I prefer the cooler weather anyways, and a little rain hasn't hurt me yet.) If you wanted to help with the sailing, they had little troubles finding things for you to do. That was quite neat. (I don't like being idle.) The food was excellent, and everyone probably ate more than they needed. (it would have been a shame to have wasted any of it.)

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