Day 10 — 2004/08/23

We finally got ‘real’ Alaska Arctic weather today. (that would be cold and wet, something we hadn't felt yet.) Since I got up a bit early as well, I got a picture of the heavy fog that had already filled the lower areas before it over took everything.

We packed up most of camp. Then while the guides finiehd up packing camp, we headed off to see some permafrost poking from the ground. It was interesting to see how much it was ice, I had imagined it to be more just really hard dirt.

Then back on the road to get up to Deadhorse. Deadhorse isn't really a town, but more of a sub-area within Prudhoe Bay. Which isn't really a town so much as it is a work camp for the oil fields. There are no residents of Prudhoe Bay that live there year round.

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