Day 2 — 2003/01/26

Hit the Drake Passage last night sometime. Got woken once as a drawer in the night stand wasn't locked and flung itself open. I got some toast down for breakfast, and am a little queazy from the rocking but seem to be holding. I find I feel best either outside, or lying down. The pills don't seem to be helping much.

All you can see for any direction is water. The boat is not pitching too much, but I think we've got a total of a thirty degree roll that is near constant. Someone checked with the bridge, and they measured it to be twenty degree tilt at times. Not sure if that was total, or just from the horizon. (which would be a fourty degree total roll.) According to the expidition staff, while this isn't the smoothest crossing, it is one of the best.

When we got to the dinning room for lunch, we found the table cloths were wet. Turns out they do this because the plates and such stick to the wet cloth. Ended up sitting by the biologist at lunch, and she was saying that she has been on some where the meal was sandwiches so you could eat with one hand while holding on with the other.

My room is on port and front most on deck three. (lowest for passengers) Sometimes the waves completely cover the porthole we have for a window. (Tried to get a picture of this, but couldn't get the timing right.)

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