1lbDried Beans; Black and red.
114oz canchopped Tomatoes
1lbcoarse ground chunk, browned and drained
1 green pepper, coarse chopped
1 onion, coarse chopped
4clovesgarlic, minced
1tspblack pepper
2freash chili peppers, chopped fine

Soften beans, and drain
(Soak for 24 or more hours, drain. Cover with water. Bring to a rapid boil, then lower heat and simmer for an hour.)
Add everything to crockpot and mix. Cook 10-12 hours on low, or 5-6 on high.

Note: The ‘heat’ of fresh chilis is hard to know before using. So you should probably start with one, let it simmer and hour or two, and taste. If it is too bland, add another one. Two is what I used last time.

Note: This is a mild, thick chili. Mild because it is always easier to add spice than remove it. So feel free to add more spice if you want it. Thick because you can use it for more than just chili. Put some on a tortilla shell and add some cheeze. Stuff it into pita bread, or on regular bread. You get the idea.