1pkgOriental flavored Raman Noodles
1.5tbspCider vinegar
0.5 tbsp Tabasco
0.5 tsp Sugar
0.25 cup chopped onion
0.5 cup cubed ham (or tofu, or chicken, or something else meat like)
0.25 cup sliced mushrooms
0.5 cup frozen peas

Fill a 2-quart sauce pan two-thirds full of water. Add the onion, the vinegar, tabasco, sugar, and the seasoning packet that came with the raman. Heat over medium high until it starts boil. Add the ham and mushrooms. Break the raman noodles up some and add them. Keep boiling until the noodles get soft. Turn off the heat and drop in the frozen peas. Stir until peas have been heated. Serve.

Dropping the frozen peas into the soup after turning off the heat does a nice trick in bringing the soup down from boiling to eatable temperatures.

This makes 2-3 tadpol servings, which seems to translate to about 4-6 normal servings.