This is a port of my game Three’s to the Nintendo DS. Since I was mostly just messing around, I wanted to keep development simple. So I chose to use the DSLua stuff instead of setting up a cross-compiling environment for the NDS. In the grand scheme, I’m not sure how much this really saved me, since DSLua is pretty low level. I still had to get the hang of many inner detail stuff. Even so, it worked out well, since it gave me a good excuse to learn lua.

The two biggest issues where that I learned lua v5.1 first, then discovered that DSLua is built on v5.0. So I had to unlearn a bunch of stuff. The other issue was getting images formatted in the right way. DSLua v0.7 has initial stuff for direct usage of regular image formats, but to really do anything you still need to get into the raw image formats. That will probably change in the future, but for now it meant figuring out some deep stuff.


A truly horrid screen shot done with a cell phone camera.