This script is for NetNewsWire 2.0. This will, more or less, turn any web page into a news feed. When ran, it checks to see if the page has changed. If it has, it makes a new feed entry with the page.

This script wants ruby version 1.6 or later. (Ruby 1.6 is included with MacOS 10.3.7, possibly other versions of 10.3.)

I use this script for web comics. There are so many nifty ones that only update when the authors have time that it just sucks to continually check the page. So I wrote this script.

This is kind of a beta version, there is still work to do. But I thought I’d share it now anyways. (It does mostly work. for me.) Besides, its for a beta version of NNW anyways.

Needed a little tweek to run on Lepord. Thanks to Ben Flaumenhaft for sending me the fix.

Download: 0.5