Just poured hot water over a bunch of tea leaves? Wondering how long to let is steep? So did I. (Actually I usually left it in the kitchen and forgot about it.) Until I wrote this little app. Launch it, tell it how long to wait, and go. After the time, it will alert you that your tea is ready. Toss the leaves and enjoy.

TTT is built to take advantage of Growl if you have that installed. And I really suggest doing that. Growl is much nicer than having the dock icon bounce, which TTT can also do.

Alot of hype for a timer? well, yeah. But I wanted to learn Cocoa this weekend, and I could not think of a project. Then I went to make some tea. After setting it up to steep, I wondered back up to my computer. Then it occured to me what I could make, a tea timer app. Prefect for a first run. I begain to program and my tea was forgotten until cold. (See!? I really do need this.)

[Update: Thu Nov 4 20:53:41 CST 2004]

Added a spinner so you can tell if the timer is actually running or not. Also cleaned up the source and put that up.

Download: 0.2  src