This is no longer supported. It is left here for archival purposes.

LCD-clamp for BeOS

Little visual plug-in for CL-Amp, just puts up the current playback stats onto a LCD panel attach to a serial port. Uses the SerLCD support libs to drive the LCD. Works great with the Serial backpacks from Scott Edwards Electronics.

Some screen shots to entertain and tempt you:
Or even an avi to see it in action.

Download it

This was the start of what was going to be a Stereo component type thing. It was going to be able to play anything that CLamp supported. This is the display part. I have various bits of code laying around that parsed the codes from a X10 MouseMan remote. (Big 6-in-1 remote that can control your mouse and send extra signals for the other buttons. Comes with software to control winamp.) I gave up on this because I spent too much time fighting BeOS. (Be's mouse driver always got loaded on the serial port before this one did. I couldn't figure out a way to stop Be's mouse driver from grabbing it first. But still grab the regular mouse.)

If you want to play with the remote code, go ahead, I think I remember it kinda working, but that was a while ago. And the only thing I've done with this code since is clean up the folders it is in and pack it up to put here.