These are no longer supported. There are left here for archival purposes.


Clp Convert

This application will convert clipping files to either text or pict files so you can edit them. It also converts text and pict files back into clipping files.

Download: 1.0 (~29K)  


A useful little FKEY that gives you an eyedropper so that you can find the RGB value of any color you click on. And for all you HTML authors, here is GetColor's perfect companion, HexClip(~4K) by Jason Johnston. HexClip will convert the RGB values in the clipboard to hex values that can be used in HTML.

Download: 1.2.5 (~136K)  


Automaticly hides the control strip when the menubar is hidden. Also has a HotKey for hiding the control strip.
(AutoHide has been abandoned due to the fact the Extensions Strip now has this functionality built in.)

Download: 2.3 (~6K)  


These packages are still marked as shareware, but are not locked in any way. They work the same registered or not. I have a real job these days, so don't feel that you need to register them.

Plug Master

That Plug-in folder of yours starting to look like your Extensions folder? Want some control over those Plugs? Well, this application works like System7.5's Extension Manager, but for your Netscape or Explorer plug-ins or any other plug-ins you need to master.

Download: 1.6.4 US (~138K)   1.6.4 JP (~145K)  
Screenshot: MainWindow  


You are no longer confined to the boring pattern that is in your scroll bar. This program will let you change the pattern in your scroll bars. Importing new patterns from other programs and files gives you an unlimited supply of patterns to choose from.
This program does not work with MacOS 8 or newer.

Download: 1.4.1 (~120K)  
Screenshot: MainWindow  

Public Domain

Switch HTML Site...

This AppleScript is an attempt to make managing multiple sites with the commercial version of BBEdit easier. It presents a dialog similar to the HTML one in the preference window, but also has a list of site prefs along the side.

Download: 1.0 (~36K)  


Nothing to fancy about these, just a bunch of Actions for Apple's Internet Data Detectors. Each file will bookmark that type of data in WhatURL!?.

Download: 1.0 (~19K)