The oldest code on my site. This is the collection of games I wrote way back in highschool. People still come by for these every year. Every year I am still amazed. Dropped support for these when my TI-82 finally died. (It died 2002-ish people.)

There are eight games I wrote. All of them, plus screen shots, are in the following archive. The games are:

Battle 1.1
Battleship, 2-players on one calculator.
Cannon 1.6.1
In this game you change the power and angle of your cannon to hit your opponent.
Dropz 1.1
In this Tetris derived game, you need to make lines of three.
PushIt 1.1
Puzzle game where you must push blocks out of your way to get to the exit. Currently lacks any good levels, everything I come up with is too easy, but comes with a level editor.
Thetaman 1.3
Pac-man for the TI82
Thought 1.2
Another puzzle game, in this one you must make a safe path for the NRG flow.
Tron 1.1.1
You drive a line, trying to get your opponent to crash. Plays human vs calc.
Tbomb 1.1.1
You have one shot to clear as many of the bombs off the playing field as possible. Thanks to Arlin Sandbulte for bringing this up to version 1.1

Download: ti82 games