Hurrah. The latest mutation of my website rendering code is complete. Much cleaner code. (well, any thing rewritten will be cleaner than two years of accumulated kludging.) That and actually figuring out how to use xml:base in the feed got rid of a huge pile of URL re-mangling code. That bit of code was prone to some serious weird-isms; I’m glad to be rid of it.

I also took the chance to switch all pages into UTF8. Not that this really changed anything for most of them, but it seemed like a good things to do. Then, I took the plunge and switched to Atom from RSS. That was a pain in the posterior. Atom is freakish strict compared to RSS. There are still a few violations, but they’re from old pages that use named entities. Maybe I’ll go clean those up some later date; maybe not.

The hardest part of a change like this is making sure it worked everywhere. I think I got it, but its hard to tell. Something always seems to slip through. Oh well, I’ll deal with that when I find it.

Of course, after having done all this, I no longer remember what it was that I had originally tired to do. Whichever, it is done now, so I can go play with other things.