I’m mostly just updating because I want something else on the front page. So, what should I mumble about; how about some of the projecty stuff I’m killing free time with.

Well, one thing that has been hampering updates, is that I’m rewriting the engine that renders my site. (yes, again.) Previous design wasn’t very flexible for future adjustments. Not that I was stopped by this, but it had gotten to the point where adding in one more kludge broke all sorts of strange things. As I was sifting through it trying to clear things up, it occurred to me it would just be easier to rewrite things; so I am. Unfortunately it means I’m in-between two not entirely working engines. (if you’re wondering how I made this post then, the answer is with lots and lots of duck tape.)

Another things that I have been throwing time into is my NDS. I picked up a R4 before August, and have been playing around with homebrew stuff. At the moment I’m working to port Three’s over to it. To simplify things, I decided to use DSLua instead of jumping right into the raw C stuff. I have the game core logic finished, and am currently a bit stuck getting graphics to come up. The images need to be converted into NDS format, and I’m having some troubles with the tools that compile on the Mac. I’m not sure if there was something bad with the compile, or if I’m using the wrong options when I call the tool. As soon as I get this working, I’ll add a projects page for it.