Nothing quite destroys a well planned weekend like a body part failing. Organically-grown-animal-refuse happens I guess. (and sometimes its not organic either.) Started to feel some pain Aug 1, Wednesday afternoon; timed right such that I thought it was minor food poisoning. Things didn’t really get better by the evening, so I hopped over to Urgent Care. They basically said if its something minor, you’ll feel better tomorrow. If it isn’t, then you’ll be in ER.

I was a stubborn idiot, and waited for the pain to go away most of Thursday. It didn’t. So off to emergency room. They had me drink some dye, and then be inspected by a cat. Cat-scan showed that my appendix was disgruntled and was making a fuss. Best thing was to get it out quickly. So that’s what we did.

Most of Friday is a haze. Anesthesia and pain killers do that. People came by, people called, and later I found people emailed. Thank you all.

I do remember one thing. It is common in men, as they age, to have problems peeing after anesthesia. There is much long about this that boils down to a single word: catheter. Which is directly translated into OUCH. Intensely in so many ways. I also soon learned another neat fact. My bladder at full holds about a liter and a half of urine. I could have done without learning that.

Once I remembered how to pee, I was released. My brothers and parents were all up this weekend for other reasons anyways, so everyone was around to help while I started recovery. Each day out I’m a bit better, but I’m still moving slow. Will also need to be careful for the next couple of weeks at least.

Oh, and double thanks to my brother who drove me to ER, and then waited until I was out of surgery sometime 3am before going home. It is massively awesome to have family like you.