I don’t know what happened to November. If anyone else does, I’d appreciate some hints. December is however, what it always is, the Holiday Season. Which just somehow equates to being overly busy. Even so this is by far one of the more relaxing 12th months I’ve had in a long time. We weren’t about to all lose our jobs again. (Startups are so much fun, aren’t they?) It was a nice change not having to worry about that. (Hurray for being part of a largish publicly traded company.)

Of course, what I was really hoping to be able to put up was some pictures of my new furniture. However, as the title pretty clearly indicates, it still hasn’t shipped. Frankly, I am not impressed. The sales guy did say that it should all be ready by the 15th, and so I thought I was all good. Well before things got too crazy with Christmas and all. But no, its the 30th, and still no word.

So this is going to just end here, while I go off and pout.