This is neat. One data source, multiple looks. This is what [i think] the web should be. Though the downside is I now will have multiple styles to keep up and check. And I quite possibly won't work too well on some slightly broken web browsers. Oh well, its not like I get more than a handful of visitors anyways. I'm still not happy about the selector either. Not sure what to do there, I guess I'll just have to try a bunch of stuff. Hopefully something will shine through.

Mostly all I am after here is have both black text on white background (well, grey background) and white-ish text on black background. I really prefer black backgrounds, but plenty of people complain that this makes the stories hard to read. I dissagree, and never would redesign the site just because of that. And now I don't have to! Both styles can be available, and with just a click to switch. Is very neat.

Not sure if I will stick this on the entire site, or just part of it. The stories section is what needs it, and perhaps this section too. Duno if it makes sense elsewhere. We will see. In any case, I'm gonna take my time converting the pages over to this. It is a rather large change to hit all the files that will get it. (and this is also an excuse to unmuck some behind the scenes stuff.)