wow. I had forgotten how good ice cream sandwiches are. I don't remember the last time I had one. Must of been middleschool. I doubt any sooner than that, was sometime about the start of highschool that I just gave up on the lactase stuff. (For those that did not know, I'm lactose intolerant.) Given the choices, you quickly learn to just not eat certain things. Most of them you find you don't miss.

Not the case for ice cream. I missed ice cream. Much so that for a long time, the only reason I still kept trying to use the lactaid pills was for the creamy goodness. I finally gave up though, I'm still convinced that those pills just don't work. Literally a pain in the gut. (and ass for that matter.) I just accepted that I would have to do without, unhappily.

So then, many years later, a friend whom recently determinned that he is also unable to drink the white posion, points me to this Moca-Mix stuff. Fake ice cream. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmFakeIceCream. As far as I can tell, it tastes simular, but then its been almost a decade since I have had the real stuff. In any case, I had to make some cookies and have me a fake ice cream sandwich. mmmmmmHappiness. (Ok, so I had three. I've got some year to catch up for. ^_^).