I'm bored. So I'm gonna just babble here a bit. Not that I really have anything to say right now but this is my webpage and thus my problem. And plainly put, I feel no pity if you read all of this and then complain how bad it will be. You read it.

have a lot of time at work right now. Something about haveing to wait 20 to 80 minutes of computation before a bug shows its ugly head. Give you lots of time to sit. And all said, Nerf guns a great fun, but only when someone else is in the same situation as you are, otherwise you're just a pest. (Which could be related to bugs....) Anyways.

I've been thinking of revamping things here a bit lately. (related to having freetime....) I'd like to make more of the backgrounds black. And add some images. Nothing that is required for the site, just some stuff to enhance the visuals of the site. Something kinda coder-ish. Not sure what to do though, I'll have to let my mind wander a bit more i think. I tried adding some big {}, but it did not turn out like i had thought. With basic html anyways.

I probably could do what I'm after with css. But it has been so long since I've looked at that stuff. It would be a couple of day project at the least. hmmm, that may not be a bad thing..... I might have to dig out some of that stuff. Either way, I need to draw out some of these ideas first. Too much work trying to hack them right away. (especially when some of the stuff needs to be am img.) Though that is a point. If I use css, it doesn't need to be an image. hmmmmm.

One thing that I try to keep though is things viewable with "bad" browsers. That means that whatever I do with css has to be non-essential, only highlights. I wonder if we hav a css book here at the office.....

Sitting here chomping on Penguin Mints is not a good thing if you want to sit still-ish.

blah. this is so boring. The really bad part? That you can only prove there are bugs. If you see a bug, then you know there are bugs. If you don't see a bug, then either there are no bugs, or you have not found them yet. And you will never know which of the two it is. Until you find a bug, then you know that it was the latter. But now its the first part, there is a bug. So we are stuck forever guessing where the next bug might be. Sounds a lot like religion.

ok, i've things to do now. (and I need this editor....)