1cupuncooked macaroni noodles
1/3cupwhite flour
1/4cupolive oil
1/2cupsoy creamer

Cook noodles.

While noodles are cooking, mix flour and oil in a bowl until smooth. Add soy creamer and mix well. It won't mix perfectly, but that's ok. Add salt if you want here.

Once noodles are done, dump them out into a strainer.

Turn heat down to medium, and pour the mixture into the pan you cooked the noodles in and start stirring. (The hot pan will cause the mixture to start thickening immediately and unevenly.)

Keep stirring until it is quite thick. You will probably have to lift the pan of off the heat a couple of times so you can stir the thinner stuff down.

This bit doesn't take much more than a minute. If you let the pan cool a bit and use a lower heat setting, it still works, but takes longer. (and is less likely to mess up too.)

Stir in cooked macaroni noodles.