Been busier than months before; I am finally having the time to write up a post. Bounced across two states so we could make it to both my and my girlfriend’s family’s Christmases. Lots of driving and sleeping in strange beds. Was great fun overall, but I am quite glad that it is over too.

I also picked up an EeePC, and am having some fun playing with that. Out of the box, its a nice machine. Even so, I got it primarily to mess around with. So I’ve got plans of rebuilding the OS. At the moment, I’m trying to decide if I want to base things off of Gobo or Puppy. Gobo gives a feeling of much more flexibility, but Puppy has a lot of the little configuration work done already. Ultimately, I’ll probably try out both, depending on free time and all.

Phantom Hourglass is the neatest DS game I’ve played so far. They really made fun use of the touch pad to control the game. Now that I’m done with that, I’m checking out why Metroid Prime 3: Corruption got the reviews it did. It is quite spiffy, I think.