First, start the month with appendicitis. Then, just about when you thinks are all good, end up in ER again because of infection complications. Full proof that not only does animal refuse happen, sometimes it flies all over. blarghs.

I cannot say too much about the first part of my twelve day hospital stay. All I really remember is hurting, and getting painkillers. Repeatedly. Then once again, I was inspected by a cat, and it found two big abscesses. Like baseball and softball big. So they installed some external drains to let the pus out, and set me up on some powerful antibiotics. This is when my awareness kicked back in and I started improving.

Five-ish days later, I was finally well enough to be let out and heal at home. Still had the drains installed. Also needed a picc line installed since one of the antibiotics was IV only. So got setup with all that, and trained a bit on using it. Setup home health care so nurses stop by periodically. Then slowly and surely start putting life back together.

Mostly this is the steady work of rebuilding stamina. The first couple of days out of the hospital I had to take a nap after eating because just the task of eating tired me out. Walking wasn’t much fun either. But with time, I’m now to the point where I only take one or two short naps a day. I’m walk short distances more because of the irritation of the muscles around the drains than because of getting tired.

So I’m steadily improving, but still not on top of things. August is nearly over; I don’t remember about half of it, and the other half I am just lying low and recovering.

Updated: 2007-08-31T16:38:03-05:00 Woohoo! I got both JP Drains removed this morning. Now just a week or so of the IV antibiotic, then the picc line should be coming out. I’m ecstatic.