I remember saying, at least once, that the people that would wait in line before a store opened for a product are nuts, and I would never do such a thing.

Apparently, I lied.

Someday I will learn not to say that I would never do something. Not, mind you, that I really understand why I stood in line. It was fricking cold. (9ºF) I was only out there for 40 minutes. (as if that somehow makes it better.) They handed out tickets twice, once before I got there, and once about 20 minutes before opening. And there were people turned away at the end of the line. So I don’t feel too bad about standing in line.

Anyways, I now have a Wii, which came with Wii Sports. Also picked up Wii Play (comes with extra remote), Raving Rabbids, and Zelda for games. Then a classic controller, and an extra Nunchuk.

The name is a bit off though, pretty much just because there are so many massively wrong ways to take it. I mean, really, what does someone mean if they ask if you want to come over and play with their Wii?