I mean its only been, what, five years? Something like that. But happiness, headaches when driving are gone again, and they still sit just nicely next to the monitor while I work.

As much fun as the fast-clipping-magnet-shades are, they make kind-of crappy sunglasses. There are fairly large-ish gaps around the glasses where the sun still shines brightly thru and into your eyes. So this time around, I got two pairs. One nice looking pair for normal wear, and one pair of prescription sunglasses that hug to my face pretty well. (Thank goodness for $200 off on the second pair sale though. yeesh glasses cost some coin.)

I also kinda splurged I think on the nice pair. With out the need to hold the magnets, there isn’t much frame. Well, there’s no frame around the lenses, and no hinges either. Just springy metal, which makes them borderline invisible. The lenses are also larger than my last pair, which is quite nice. Less moving my head around to keep things in focus.

(Will post picture of sunglasses when I remember to take a picture of myself; this unfortunately may never happen.)