A moment of softened sorrow, for my Roomba has been packed away. Its not dead or anything, well, beyond the battery that is. Some combination of age, and perhaps leaving it to rest on the charging station, has wreaked havoc on the battery. It hardly holds enough of a charge to do fifteen minutes of work. Hardly makes running the robot worth it. Then when you add to this that the Roomba hasn’t ever bee able to make it over the edge of the rugs, and cannot be safely allowed to roam in my office/workroom, there was just enough carpet space that wasn’t getting vacuumed at all. (I did feel a little down putting the Roomba back into its box. It was kinda sad. really.)

So I bought another vacuum. This was an interesting task. There are some pretty damn spendy vacuums out there. (!!!$500!!!) A few quick searches on the internet told me that its all fluff. The cheeper ones do the same work. Then, in the store, I discover how popular the bag-less vacuums are.

Now I already have a little handheld bag-less vacuum for doing the stairs. So I have a good idea of what it is like to empty that dust bin. (omg! little grey clouds all over the place!) Definitely need to find one that takes bags. Ended up grabbing a combo bag-or-bag-less model, it was the only one with a bag in the store. (Stuck with that store because I had a 20% off coupon.)

So today, I vacuumed, with memories of my Roomba.