Well, I went out and got the latest version (as in pulled down the repo) of Io, because it had the new the SystemCall. And then I retried my last attempt. Hurrah, it works! I tried making use of coroutines and futures, but they don’t seem to be going. Not sure if it is me or SystemCall. (it was me.)

May not be the prettiest io, but I’m still trying to figure this out.

Updated, I fear I am having fun. Retweeked to use Set instead of Map. Not really any different.

#!/usr/bin/env ioDesktop
# 26 July 2006 by Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra
# find all deps for given port[s]
# currently ignores varients.
# results prefixed with + are not currently installed on your system.

if(args size == 0,
    writeln("portalldeps <ports>")
Set := List clone do(
    append := getSlot("appendIfAbsent")
    merge := method(lst, lst foreach(i, append(i)))
    diff := method(set, set select(v, contains(v) not))
search := Set clone merge(args)
search removeFirst
found := Set clone merge(search)

while(search size > 0,
    lst := SystemCall clone do(
        arguments append("deps", search removeFirst)
    ) run stdout readLines select(beginsWithSeq("\t")) map(removePrefix("\t"))
    search merge(found diff(lst))
    found merge(lst)

installed := SystemCall clone do(
    arguments append("installed")
    ) run stdout readLines select(beginsWithSeq("  ")) map(between("  ", " "))
found sortBy(block(a,b,a<b)) foreach(k, 
    if(installed contains(k), 
        writeln("  " .. k), 
        writeln("+ " .. k)