Picked up Tetris DS the other day. My my, how such a simple game has remained so, and changed at the same time. It is kind of fun to recall, Tetris was bundled with my first GameBoy way back in 1993. All GameBoys then came with Tetris, so everybody had it. Which, as far as I remember, made it the best multi-player game. Eventually, I got bored with it, and picked up all sorts of other games. (And for some odd reason, I still have them all too.) But now many years later I sought it out again.

Primarily because I didn’t have a puzzle game for the DS yet. Its always good to have at least one puzzle game, something that you can just sort of pickup and play a little. Most importantly, something that you can just turn off when something else more important comes up and you don’t feel bad about losing data. Made the mistake with playing Advance Wars on the bus already. Missed my stop. Shouldn’t have that issue with Tetris. (i hope)

Tetris DS also makes good use of the wifi. Doing something that really should have been done with the original GameBoy, only one person needs to own the game. Lots of possibly nifty multi-player action was missed back in those days. Of course, as if to counter this, I don’t know anyone with a DS. Ah, but to fear not. For you can also play against people over the vastness of the internet. Once you get the DS talking to you access point, its really quite smooth to get hooked up to some random person and play some games.

Though, since I haven’t played Tetris in years, I’ve gotten my backside quite throughly smacked every time I’ve gone online. This is where I’m actually kind of glad there is no chat or other way of taunting. Some of those people are insanely good. I think I’ll give them some space for a while before I try again. Definitely need to practice some more first.