For me books are food, and I haven’t been eating enough lately. When I do finally get one, I devour it in an afternoon. (which does sometimes bleed into the late night.) The trick is that I actually have plenty of books that I’ve started reading laying around. Its just that they are all heavy tech books. Lots of fiber. So when I do pick up something sweet, its gone in a snap. Which just seems to leave me hungering for more.

So I’m trying to read more fun stuff without gorging myself. Which I did sort of manage to do this weekend. After inhaling Men at Arms on Friday, I did manage to force myself to take two days to read Paper Mage. I think they were both good, its hard to tell when I read them that fast. (Does it count against me that I also read All-New Tenchi Muyo: Picture Book on Sunday as well? Probably.) Sigh, four-ish books in three days? and now I’m here with nothing fun to read again.