Went home for the holiday. Everyone made it home this year, which was a lot of fun. We did many of our standard traditions. Which included me making a dog defiled snowman. Then my little brother got a hold of the frosting syringe. Which now contained only the leftovers of colors mixed, and the dog got to defile some cookies with its other orifice. Its good in some way I guess to see that no matter how old we get, we’re still little boys at heart.

Everyone spent a great deal of time chasing Will, who in turn seemed to love it. He is almost walking, but not quite. This made the push-wagon gift he received well liked. Since this was the first gift given, we enlisted him and his wagon to deliver most of the remaining gifts. It was very cute.

eeeeeeee! I got a food processor for Christmas, I’m throughly jazzed about it. I’ve used it so far just to make bread. Much nicer than doing the initial mixing part by hand. However according to the manual, I can only make dough with up to five cups of flour; my usual bread recipe has seven. And after putting five cups and all of the other ingredients in, I can see they are accurate, no room for the next two cups. I’ll have to figure something out though, the loaves are clearly smaller and won’t last as long. I think I might just mix the dough in two batches, and merge them when kneading. We’ll see.