Right, so if you haven’t noticed by now, I updated my web site. Massive changes were made. The back end is now dynamic driven with Typo. It is a rather nice piece of code. I’ve been playing with it for a couple of months before I decided to go with it. Had to write up a custom importer to get the data from my old site in. Then wrote a variant of that importer to generate a whole bunch of Redirect commands for Apache. So all the old links should give a 301 and then the new location.

Except, that is, for the parts of the site that are still static. Those bits are linked in with Alias directives. (Yeah, those would be the “Other Things” over on the right there.) Still going over things and making sure everything is working. I’d say I have that done too, but as soon as I do, something will pop up.

Then the whole front end of things. Basically, I got tired of black. (Weird, I know.) Played with a lot of different colors and such, but nothing really worked. Then as I’m passing a mirror, it clicks into my brain what I was wearing, olive green sweatshirt, khaki cargo pants, and a black t-shirt. My brain went, “duh.” and I put those colors into the site. Seems to have worked out pretty well I think.

There was also a lot of work on an image that was gonna fill the space at the top. Never could get it to work out like what is lurking in my head though. I am going to keep trying for a while, but the traces of code in the background works. Might just leave it like this. (Ah, but the gears and vines of circuitry would have been so neat.)

So, upgrade and redesign are pretty much done, save for a few minor tweaks here and there. Feels good to have it finished.