Been thinking about colors again. Curiosity in my mind. Not sure though. It would have to be a darker color. I am not too fond of bright, loud colors. My mind starts at most shades. Even still, some colors still can be dominating however dark. Perhaps even some are stronger when darker.

Black is just out. I am not one to believe in black or white. Every thing is a shade of grey. Yes, I know I have and wear some black shirts. They fade. Then they are alright. Grey will come with age, I will wear it then.

Starting into the other shaded colors. First to mind is red. When I think of red, just the color, the first form in my mind is crimson. All shades and tints of red start in my mind as crimson. Blending back to as they are. Red is kind of odd in that. There is also fire in red. Even the darkest red holds this fire. Of those two, red takes itself out as well.

Greens march in. Dark, deep forest greens. There is a lot to be said for the life in green. Something of the serenity of the deep forest is held in the dark greens. This would give green to being a choice. However, I have been told that greens break down. They do not stay green. Not being primary, this make sense. It takes energy to keep green; green is alive. Something not alive will not hold green.

Blue follows green. The dark blues. They are depth itself. The oceans fall to darker and darker blues as the depths are entered. There is a weight of something that is more in there. With only looking into the depth of a dark blue, this weight can be felt on one’s mind. Even if it is above, it feels like you are looking down. In the depths of dark blue, you mind tells you that there is something there. Even when you know there is nothing. The depths are to be explored. For all this, definitely dark blue.

Violet comes to mind then, only to be complete. It also lacks the strength of a primary. It also has the history of being the royals’, and of the royal, I am not. Violet is dismissed almost before it is even considered.

Nothing will come of it though. I need steer clear for til least the end of summer. Before even then, the season when my mind thinks of this will have passed.

Maybe next year.