I'm thinking of buying a new computer. This in of itself isn't all that big of a deal, really. There is just something odd about it, as I am sitting here, surrounded with no less than four working computers. (If I plug them in.) And with a scant handful of dollars, I can raise that number even higher.

Never you even mind that fact that I am sitting here, in front of a fully working, perfectly usable computer. Granted, my iPod has more storage space than this machine, but that's really just a detail lost to noise. Then there is the fact that this is a laptop, that has been plugged into so many things it is really just a funny looking desktop machine now. What with the stream of audio, video, USB, FireWire, ethernet, and power cables flowing from it. So I suppose I could make some claim of wanting a real desktop verses a teathered laptop.

It helps nothing that the money is there. Oh, I know I really shouldn't spend it. Pack it away in some long term retirement account and pretend it doesn't exist. But that's just not fun. Besides, I worked my ass off for some of that and I want a toy.

Which brings in to the next interesting bit. Its not the price of the computer that bothers me. It is the screen's price. I mean, it is a really nice screen and all, but geez. The thing is almost as much as the computer. So I could actually just get the computer, and use one of the monitors I have sitting around here already. But its not like I need the computer, so if I'm spending on not-needed anyways, why not the screen too?

And so I'm just twisted into this little ball of want verses (Absolutly in no possible way) need.