Few sputtering rambles here that I'd like to get down. And while I could set these up in separate posts, I'm lazy.

Super Smash Brothers Melee

yes, yes. He finally got me over for a bit of an afternoon. I must say, that game so dearly does kick ass. It gets a bit nuts with four fighters on the screen, but somehow doesn't loose playablity. (Although a rapid zoom in or out is disorientating. Its just at one moment everything is very big, then blink and its way small. Or the other way around.) But perhaps the single best thing they did when making this game is not using every single button on the controller. There is really only three you need, plus the stick. I find this a nice change from most other fighting games, where you spend days trying to find all the buttons and their patterns. (More annoying to those of us that don't own the game, and lack the many nights to practise.)

That and they had to have named every single damn possible move. And the names are just great too. (And now I feel dumb for not being able to remember any.) You get done with the fight, and can read through all the stuff you did. Its quite witty.

Pens and paper

Got together with the old style pen and paper group the next day. This is a new group for me, though I believe they have been doing this for as long as I've been in school. (yes, kindergarten included.) Its a bit odd, since they are much more into the “role” playing verses “roll” playing. It is just a way bit different than most other ways I've played. Not that I'm too worried, since I seem to handle multi-user-story-telling just fine. I figure this should be similar. Lots of neat characters, just got to keep reminding myself to play along instead of winning.

I'm quite looking forward to the next meeting. Hopefully I won't be completely doped up on DayQuil and can participate more too.


Then it was to spin off down to the parents for Easter. That was a quite nice day spent with parents and grandparents. Being that one brother was with in-laws, and the other throwing heavy things in another state. Almost caught up with cousin and friend, but not quite. Understandable with them having now both a child and a dog.

Then back up to the cities for work. Oh joy.