There are a few things that always create a strange sense of wonder in me. Its that kind of wonder that lends one to thoughts of greater grander type things. Trying to see the larger picture from just a few shuffled pieces of a puzzle. Something like that.

In particular, when I somewhat randomly just take off somewhere. And then go and wonder aimlessly around for a bit. Just to change the scenery and stuff. And out while I'm somewhere else being aimless, I should happen upon someone I know. More importantly, someone that I'm rather quite sure still takes residency in the same city that I do. It just odd to run into someone that way. Given the number of people that one can see in any given city scape.

What really gives it that weird larger picture feeling is a commonalty. That bit of info that comes up after you've got to talking a bit. That bit where all involved are just kind of bleh with things, so you all just sort of took off for the day. My mind turns on this.

Is there something in air? The water? Some larger fluctuation in something that most people don't believe? The hand of someone that most pretend to believe? What kind of thing draws this kind of chance together? Is it just coincidence, or is there more to it than that?

The chance of both being there, then. The timing involved. If I had walked a few steps farther before turning around. Hadn't stopped for a cup of coffee. Hadn't listened to someone there about blues music for much longer than I had intended. If our car's hadn't been in adjacent lots. The insane number of factors just within a few minutes and few yards that alone could have separated the chance meeting.

Never to even start the thought on the grander scale. The numerous volume of data just in the tiny set of space and time around the event that could have changed. Which then would have prevented the event entirely. But to begin on the data that stretches beyond. The events just to have known the person. The events to have sent me spiraling out on that day. The events that sent them out. And all of the timing on those events. And the place.

Although, through all of that, the place seems the easiest to explain. This is because of some other property that places seem to exhibit. How some places draw towards people, draw them in. Looking through all of the stuff that depends on that chance meeting, the place met is the least confusing. Its not the first time I've been drawn there, and I rather doubt this will be the last. Besides, its hard to miss a lake that big.

Even so, this only explains (well deals with at the least) one bit of the world sized ocean of bits. It ends up being a lot like pissing into the sea to raise the oceans. It was a lot inside of you, but now its lost within the rest.

And yet, my mind reels on the randomness that fate produces at times.