Read through the teasers that Brent dropped on the new NetNewsWire, looking neat. Though I cannot say I'm all that excited about the Browsing in Place thing.

Even though I do fall into the "Do one thing and do it well" camp, that's not where I'm taking issue. My concern is that I look at the tiny little viewing area in NNW that each post is in, then I look over at the huge viewing area that my web browser gives me. Then I look at most blogs' web page verses the rawer data they give to rss. And I just have to wonder, where are all of the side bars gonna go?(Answer is nowhere, they'll just squish the text you want to read into a column of words.)

There isn't exactly a lot of room to work with there. (And no, making the NNW window bigger isn't really an option. Apps that have windows that take up the whole screen are bad in my little world.)

The weblog editor updates are of some interest though. I've been doing a lot of work lately to stream line the way my site builds. Mostly trying to remove all of the work in adding a page. (Easier added pages make for easier posts, and I'm trying to be more, umm, bloggish?) And being able to make new entries without having to do a lot of html tagging by hand would be a nice plus.

Currently, I'm still using BBEdit, then making use of Markdown to pull it up into full html. But there are a lot of -isms around here that just don't fit well with text2html processors. The biggest is my making text in parentheses smaller. Now I could hack Markdown I suppose, but really, it would be a lot cleaner mentally to write text, select text, make text smaller. (Although, having it happen automatically might be easier, though it may end up being unexpected at times.) This nice thing about Markdown, it leaves all of my hand included html alone.

The big downer to any weblog editor is that I'm running custom code to build things. Just meaning that if I do find one I like, I'll still have to write up some scripts to make it actually work. Oh well, my own darn fault.

Anyways, back to NNW. I'm a little disappointed he didn't say anything about the feature that I really want. And that's being able to share/transfer the list of read posts between home and work. I follow a couple of blogs at work that I don't at home, and a bunch at home that I don't at work, and then a handful that get peeked at from both. Ending up reading some posts twice is just kind of irritating. (Mostly because I'm also a developer, so I know there has to be a solution. I've tried to hack it too, and let me tell you, NNW really gets unhappy when you start messing with the underlying sqlite database.) Making use of MacOS's built in spell checker would be quite swell too.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.