It is a very strange surreal feeling. The combinational effect of not only buying something this big, but that someone is willing to give me the money for it. Or something like that. Clearly, if I fail to pay up, they just take the house back. But I'm not really thinking about that. Too far gone in the mind. The house is mine. (sorta)

The one thing in the process that still is somewhat amazing is the amount of paper work. Or rather, the volumes of things that I must sign or initial. I think I shall be most forever entertained by getting a document that says that I was in fact told about another document. Signing the first to proved that I was truly in fact told about the next document. Being given the next document immediately after signing the prior, and signing it. Its just funny in an odd sort of way.

Amidst the excitement there are a few standing concerns at the moment. Oddly, the largest of which is that I'll now be far enough out that I will have to commute via car or bus. No longer close enough to work to walk when the weather permits. The important thing here is that it is not the commute that is bothering me, it is that I'll lose my free exercise of walking about thirty minutes a day.

I will have to be diligent once moved. Most probably in a combination of doing exercise just to exercise, and eating less than I do now. I am not too worried about the eating, I have always been rather good at just stopping when I felt full. (It has never bothered me to leave food on my plate. When I'm done eating, I'm done.) It is the whole remembering to take to move a bunch.

And this is where I'm hoping my new location that will be roughly the right distance from book stores and the like. The distance being just enough that it is exercise to walk there, but not so much that it feels overly far away to travel by foot. So I figure I'm ok at least one day of the week. It is then the remaining two to three days of thirty minutes of exercise I will have to figure out.

The new place is a bit more than twice the size of the apartment I currently have. This brings its own set of things to think about. Mostly that I am quite sure I will feel a need to fill the space. That there would be one more money sink hole I am not so sure I need. Hopefully that one won't form some kind of repeating wallet weight loss though.

There is a lot to look forward to as well. Like having real central air, both heating and cooling. I really cannot express how much this little piece excites me. Living in this apartment that is older than I has brought forth a great deal of appreciation for such advancements in technology. The other little bit that I'm quite ready for is being able to fix little things. The idea of being able to replace a faucet that leaks, instead of watching maintenance just crank it down tight. (Yes, it stopped leaking, however it now takes two hands to get hot water out of that faucet.)

All in all, this is being quite the neat experience. The only lasting bit of tension now is that I don't close until mid June. So now I just have to wait, knowing what is waiting for me.