Fun fun. I have glasses. Need them for far away stuff. You know stuff that's like eight feet out or so. It started getting blurry there, and got worse the farther out things were. Don't ask how I was driving. Thankfully that was only once in a great while. Being that I walk most places. (Or bum rides.) Driving back from getting glasses was dangerous enough though, I was spending more time looking at all of the stuff that used to be a big blurry blobs, instead of the cars in front of me. Heh, oopies.

Spendy little things glasses are. When I saw the first of the bill, I was all about increasing it by an eighth for a two year warranty. (bring in the pieces, and they replace for free. Nice deal i think.) That and got the anti-reflection, crap-did-the-lenses-fall-out-I-cannot-tell coating. The frames I got a nifty since they come with clip-on shades. But they don't clip, there is little magnets in the glasses and shade parts. When they get close; they go stick! It's great fun, I wasted a good chunk of time just putting the shades on, and taking them off again. (But I'm easily amused like that.)

Trying to get into the habit of wearing them all the time. Since I'm apt to forget them completely otherwise. Which complicates, since I don't need glasses for close up work, and I have those BA poofy headphones at work. And they and the glasses don't mix all that well. So I'm always taking my glasses off when I'm at my desk. Ah well. At least I remember to put them back on when I get up. (If I don't, I usually remember really quick.)

That and it is going to take some getting used to having these lines in my vision. Having the edges of the frames right there is different. More so when I'm seeing things close, because it is all in focus then. And it gets slightly frusterating to look down at something quick that is out of the focus range. Then have to stop doing it quick, because I need to move my whole head so that the glasses move with my vision instead of moving just my head.

As such, I am noticing how much I actually look out of the sides of my eyes, rather than moving my head. Walking to work for example. I didn't realise that I usually walk with my head down a bit, and look out the top of my eyes. Cannot do that with glasses, since I am looking over the top of them then. Kind of useless that way. Is weird getting used to holding my head up straight while walking. Also makes me wonder how often I do stuff like that. And what it makes me look like to others. (hehee, this is probably an improvement then. ^_^)

Anyways, this is then, what I look like with glasses: