Thu Aug 09 22:47:08 CDT 2001

Finally am getting my overworked lazy ass in gear to fix up my web site. By and far the biggest thing I am doing is coming up with a mostly consistant style for everything. So instead of my old ways, where there were about 5 different styles and layouts, everything is going to be somewhat simular now.

Of course, this means some parts will be more work than others. I went and got the easy stuff done tonight. Mostly just setting up a style that I will use throughout. It still is lacking one piece. I want to form a 'menu' of some kind that is at the bottom of every page. I pretty much know what it will be like, I just want to have some kind of automation in building it. That and I imagine I will rebuild/redesign it a couple of times anyways.

The most painful part is going to be the software sections. I have to go through and take out all of those tables, and come up with a new structure for the program listings. And that menu thing is needed here the most of the entire site.

All I have to say right now is that CSS kicks ass. If your webbrowser doesn't support it, throw it away and get a new one.

Sun Aug 12 01:05:51 CDT 2001

eperl kicks mucho ass. I have the menubar thingy done, and mostly placed into the site. Still not one hunderd precent on how it looks, but that is just style sheet tweeks. Getting it into pages, and what is there is all handled by eperl

This of course means that my web site has now finally reached the point of needing full site build system. And since I program too much that of course means I am using Makefiles. :)

Rather interesting to look at some of my old editorial pieces. Mostly the couple where I insist that I don't need such a power thing to manage my teeny-tiny site. Well, its not so small any more. And I do most certainily need a more powerful managment system. And so now I have it.

Sat Aug 25 23:53:49 CDT 2001


again, woah.

started messing around with the other stuff eperl came with. The rest of the wml tools. wow. And here I was trying to do much of that with just eperl. Needless to say, I'm reworking everything over to wml. Good news that there really isn't any major changes, since eperl is a subpackage of wml. But still much is getting retouched because I'm taking advantage of things wml offers but eperl does not.

The nicest so far has to be the divert package. It lets me build up true template files. All of the formatting now is in one file, and all of the content in another. So now if I decide to change the look again, it will be just those few master files, and a remake, and everything will be good. ^_^