Confuse me. No big suprise there. Seems like most poeple are continually suprised by what others do. Always something it seems. Currently I'm most puzzled by more internal things. Stuff that my own body and mind do, or don't do.

For instance, in most things, if you specialise them for one task, they do that task better. Humans mostly work this way. But we seem to quickly hit a point where you can over specialize. And at this point, the body or mind, or both, break down. Sometimes you get a warning. Sometimes the explosions are magnificent. Both cases hurt. And such, while machines seem to continually improve with specialization, it seems humans are better off when applied to multiple things.

Now I don't mean doing more things at once. We still seem to work best doing one thing at a time. What I mean is that a human that is capible of working in multpile fields tends to better off than one in one field. This is often explained as the first having a more `balanced' character. So far as I can tell, this is a good thing. Mostly this is my mind very politely warning me that I work too much.