Simple answer: They got deleted.

Complex answer: I got tired of them. They really didn't add anything to my site, and they were a pain to keep up. Then there was the problem that how the frames looked on a Mac verses a Wintel verses Unix, was unreal. I had things set up so they looked good on my Mac, and they down right sucked on Wintel boxes, but looked ok (not good) on Unix.

Then there is this thing that I've been getting in the habit of using lynx a lot more, and doing a little web browsing on my newton. Lynx kinda handles frames, it give you a couple links at the top of the page to each frame. And the web browser on my newton won't do them. (of course the one on my newton won't even do tables. Yes I know there is a different one that does. I don't like it though because it does web browsing as an afterthought, it primarily parses html into newton books. If they spin off a version that does just web browsing I'll look into it)

Although the company building the web browser I use on my newton is taking a very different approach to building it than most other web browser companies. They're fixing bugs first. Weird I know. I hope more companies follow this concept.

Anyhows, that's the two biggest reasons I tossed the frames.

Oh, i also was messing with some site managment stuff, and it didn't do frames. But the program kinda sucked. (well, not really, I didn't like they way it worked. not really, kinda maybe the same difference.)